Sweet Burgundy


Sweet Burgundy is a finely tuned, acoustic oriented four to five piece band featuring tight harmonies, rocking guitars, bass and drums. They deliver a rich blend of music: classic acoustic-rock covers, pop hits and originals, ranging from sweet and smokey to gutsy and fun.

Dawn Rose and Kathleen Potthoff founded the band in 2002, soon joined by Lynda Amen. Until 2015 they remained a female trio, playing 30 plus shows a years primarily in the Napa Valley. In 2016 Mark Larson joined the group while Lynda took some time off, adding his stellar personality and swampy lead guitar. In the summer of 2017 after Lynda made a guest appearance at Napa's Porch Fest, the band was reborn and re-energized with a new 4 piece sound. With time off during the pandemic, Sweet Burgundy has recently added drummer Jeff Weinman, once more upping their game to appeal to more danceable venues.

Sweet Burgundy is based in the Napa Valley, California.







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Sweet Burgundy